We are always waiting for wwoofers who want to work in our farm and enjoy cultural exchange.
We are willing to prepare every meal and bed for the wwoofers for free, in exchange of 6 hours work in our farm.
We ask the wwoofers to work in our farm for 6 days a week.

Every Sunday is day off.
The wwoofers can gain knowledge and skills of organic farming through farm activities.

You can apply for WWOOFing from

WWOOF Japan.

Past wwoofer’s feedback

Sho and Shoko (and their supercute kids) were very kind and I felt at home right from the start.
Even though I was treated as a family member I got to stay in a cool tiny house they just built. It’s right in the middle of the vegetable gardens which was a great experience – the amazing stars and the campfire at night were included. We had lovely food from their garden every day and as a family member you are expected to help out a bit like playing with their kids and doing the dishes but that’s part of family life isn’t it?
They both speak pretty good English so you’ll be fine if you don’t speak Japanese. The work was not too hard and they really care about the wwoofers so you can have a break when you’re getting too tired. But of course the job still has to be done!
I also sold vegetables at a local cafe which was great fun and not too difficult if you speak some Japanese. Most people also spoke some English. Got to meet some very fun and interesting people at the cafe!!
If you’re looking for a wonderful quiet place not too far from a big city, close to some wonderful beaches and ‘zero-waste towns’ like Zushi and Hayama then you should definitely stay with the Sho family!
Thank you Sho family! .. domo arigatou gozaimashita for a great experience!

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