Zero Waste Vegetable box

you can get “Zero waste” and organic vegetable box from SHO Farm.

we deliver vegetables without any plastic.

To order the vegetable box, let me know the following information.
1 the date you want get the vegetable box. you can choose from Wednesday or Friday or Saturday.
2 address
3 choose vegetable box size (2000 yen vegetable box or 3000 yen vegetable box)

If you live with more than 4 people of family, 3,000 yen box is recommended.
4 delivery time (AM, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18-20 o’clock)
5 phone number


shipping fee is the follows.

Kanto area 1048 yen

Kawasaki 918 yen

Yokohama  600-745 yen

Yokosuka 200-600 yen

We ask the first customers to pay the fee first.

After we check the money, we send you our veggie box.You can pay at the post office below
総合口座 記号10260 番号9243591
(店番028 普通預金 口座番号0924359)
名義人仲野翔(ナカノショウ)let me know after you pay.

You can choose every week or every two weeks after the first vegetable box.
We are going to bill the end of the month after the first vegetable box.

If you want to skip our veggie box, let us know unless 3 days before shipping.  We don’t bill when you skip.

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